When severe weather or dangerous road conditions exist, interpreters may not be available.  If you have a question regarding the availability of a scheduled interpreter, please call (806) 654-8443 for confirmation of appointment.

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Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment to avoid being charged for appointment. Call (806) 376-4571 during office hours (8am – 5pm, Mon.-Fri.)

Languages Offered for Interpreting/Translation:

 Spanish

 Persian-Farsi

 Kurdish

 Kiswahili

 Arabic

 Somali

 Burmese

 French

 Amharic

 Oromo

 Chinese (Mandarin)

 Kinyamulenge

 Karen-Burmese

 Chin-Burmese

 Bosnian

 Kirwandi

 Pashtoon

 Brundi

 And other languages available by request